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Nicolas Ben Testimonial for SoundSpace3 Philippe Ressos

Philippe Ressos and his company SoundSpace3 are truly reliable, trustworthy and capable acoustic specialists.

Philippe and his team have recently constructed and completed a high quality acoustically treated music room in our home. We are very happy with the result. It is a visually pleasing space that is well balanced acoustically and allows for our regular music rehearsals and activities to occur while the rest of the household carry on with life as usual in our home. To us this is hugely beneficial as we love music but also, like many families, have different things going on at the same time and so it works really well for us. Philippe is a very honourable and honest person. He is kind and helpful and I have found him to be very good to work with. He is also totally dedicated to the utmost quality – his work is so precise and beautifully done. He takes pride in it and delivers to the highest standard every time. I’ve had lots of building work done for me over the years and being the son of a professional builder, I understand quality in construction..

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SoundSpace3 is a leading integrated soundproofing company operating Australia wide. At SoundSpace3, we have more than 27 years experience in delivering soundproofing solutions to both commercial & residential clientele.

We design noise reduction solutions for even the most complex problems and complete full Acoustic installation to the highest industry standards. Contact Us for an Acoustic Assessment or search our site by keyword to start solving your noise problems now.

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